The current version of broot only runs on linux.

Precompiled binaries and the repository are updated at the same time, with tested releases.

If you prefer to get the very last version, even when not tagged, you may compile from the sources available on GitHub.

From precompiled binaries

The last one is always made available at:

You may download previous releases on GitHub releases.


You'll need to have the Rust development environment installed.

Once it's installed, use cargo to install broot:

cargo install broot

From source

You'll need to have the Rust development environment installed.

Fetch the Canop/broot repository, move to the broot directory, then run

cargo build --release

The executable is written in the target/release directory (you might want to move it to your /usr/bin, or to add the release directory to your path).

Installation Completion : the br shell function

broot is convenient to find a directory then cd to it, which is done using <alt><enter> or :cd.

But broot needs a companion function in the shell in order to be able to change directory.

When you start broot, it checks whether the br shell function seems to have been installed (or to have been refused). If needed, and if the used shell seems compatible (supported shells today are bash, zsh and fish), then broot asks the permission to register this shell function.

If you have messed with the configuration files, you might want to have the shell function reinstalled.

In order to do this, either remove all broot config files, or launch broot --install.

When it's done, you can do just br to launch broot, and typing <alt><enter> will cd for you.