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Flore is a free Android game in which you want to fill your garden with yellow flowers that bad red flowers try to choke to death.

Flore is a product of the Ludogene project, on whose site you'll find other free games and a forum.


The basic rule is very simple : a flower surrounded by four flowers or more suffocates and dies.

The central flower is surrounded by four other flowers...
... and so it dies.

You win if you manage to kill 12 red flowers and you lose if Android kills 12 yellow flowers.


Flore is available for all orientations, size and formats of Android devices, from the smallest phone to the biggest tablet.


You can download Flore from the market using the following QR code :

If for any reason, you have difficulties finding or installing Flore, please contact me.


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I'm Denys Seguret. I like to develop free games at nights but most of the time I'm designing complex softwares for a very serious company : www.keods.com.
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