The current version of SafeCloset works on linux, Mac, Windows, and Android (over Termux).

From source

You'll need to have the Rust development environment installed and up to date.

Fetch the Canop/safecloset repository, move to the safecloset directory, then run

cargo install --locked --path .

From precompiled binaries

Binaries are made available at every release on GitHub.

When you download executable files, you'll have to ensure the shell can find them. An easy solution is to put them in /usr/local/bin.

You may also have to set them executable on linux using chmod +x safecloset.


You'll need to have the Rust development environment installed and up to date.

Once it's installed, use cargo to install safecloset:

cargo install --locked safecloset


(if you encountered a problem and solved it, please tell me so that we can help other users)

Why --locked

This forces the dependencies to be in the same version than when I released. This protects against some possible attacks on the dependency chain.

Compilation failed

Most often, this is due to a not up to date compiler.

You should update your Rust installation. This is usually done with rustup update.

Copy-Paste problem on Windows

Copy-Paste problem in Termux

For copy-pasting to work properly, you also need to install the Termux:API, which is an Android APP, just like Termux.

You have to install Termux and Termux:API from the same place. For example, if you installed Termux from F-Droid, install Termux:API from F-Droid, too. Mixing the installation from different stores will cause compatibility issues, because each download website uses a specific key for keysigning Termux and Addons.