You may configure broot to display icons:

Broot with icons

Checking the font

This feature needs the vscode font to be installed and available on your system.

It's possible the font was installed with broot's package, depending on the chosen package.

Here's how you can check its presence:

Bash (and compatible):

echo -e "file_type_rust looks like \U001002D2"


echo "Rust is `u{1002D2}"

If you see a rust gear icon, your terminal is displaying the correct font.

Setting up the font

If the font isn't installed, you may

Installation on linux:

Copy the vscode.ttf file to ~/.local/share/fonts.

Installation on Windows

Double click the vscode.ttf file icon and click on "Install font".

Setting up your broot config

In broot's config file, add or uncomment the icon_theme = "vscode" line (it won't work if it's after the verbs or skin in the toml file).


Q: I don't see icons for my favourite common file type.

A: This is a work in progress, you can help out

Q: Why isn't the icon mapping configurable?

A: For performance reasons, icon mapping is hardcoded. If this looks like a problem, please come and chat with us.

Q: Why does broot show a generic icon for this very common file type?

A: The icon mappings aren't complete. You can help out very easily without any coding knowledge. Go to the github repository. Enter the directory corresponding to your theme. Inside data, edit extension_to_icon_name_map.rs and add a line corresponding to your extension. The first field would be the extensions you would like, and the second field should be referred from icon_name_to_icon_code_point_map.rs. Submit a PR.

Q: Can I set up a totally different set of icons or mappings ?

A: Broot can be configured for a different mapping or a different font, but this needs some coding and a new compilation. To get started, have a look at look at the resources/icons directory and, if necessary, come and chat on miaou.